*Limited stock* OLFA 45mm Wave Cutter (WAC-2) (flaw in packaging)

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The pinking and wave cutters have been discontinued by Olfa. To use the Decorative blades, users are required to use the 45mm Deluxe cutter and replace the straight blade with the decorative one.

We have secured the last of the Wave cutters from the Olfa Singapore but they have slight defects in the packaging due to improper storage. But the cutter and blade are still in good and mint condition. Because of the brown spotting on the packaging, these limited cutters are now sold at a special price, while stocks last.

Compatible with the Pinking blade (PIB45-1) too.

If you want to keep the edge of your fabric from unravelling, you need to trim it with a pinking or wave cutter. This pinking blade puts those familiar “teeth” on the edge of the fabric and the wave blade has a more gentle, wider zig-zag, for a look that’s both decorative and functional.

Good For: cutting strips and multiple layers at once. Cuts fabric, paper, tarp, vinyl, upholstery and more.


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