*Special: Any PAID Porcupine Patterns’ A0-sized Pattern Colour Printing Service

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Special pricing: Exclusive for Porcupine Patterns’ paid patterns.

The special price applies only for the patterns PURCHASED from Porcupine Patterns. You will be required to send us the files as proof of purchase/download from Porcupine Pattern. You may purchase the patterns from the link below. Theses are NOT affiliate links. 2Quilters does not benefit or receives any rewards for referral toPorcupine Pattern purchases. Yi Farn is a wonderful and talented crafter from Singapore and runs the beautiful and popular blog Japanese Sewing Books.

  1. Girl’s Qipao / Cheongsam pattern:
  2. Boy’s Mandarin Collar Shirt pattern:

1) Customer must be the owner to rights of the file, or has the permission of the rights owner for printing.
2) Please email file/s with any instructions to [email protected]  (include your order number)
3) If you require any customisation or have any questions, please contact us.

We will print from your digital file at 100% (or actual size) scale, up to A0 or maximum of 841 x 1189mm (33.1″ x 46.8″) in width on 90gsm White paper stock in Full Colour.

Printed pattern will be folded for packing and mailing purposes.

The cost is for 1 piece of A0-sized pattern printed in COLOUR. 

There are 4 A0 Sheets in the QiPao pattern – if you wish to print all 4 pages, please select 4 for the number of pages to print in the selection.:
1) A_GirlsQipao_Straightcut_with_Sleeves_A0
2) B_GirlsQipao_Aline_with_Sleeves_A0
3) C_GirlsQipao_Straightcut_Sleeveless_A0
4) D_GirlsQipao_Aline_Sleeveless_A0

E.g. 1 copy of pattern with 4 x A0 pages in the pattern file: Select 4

Or 1 copy of pattern with Sheet A (1 A0 page) and Sheet B (1 AO page) = 1+1: Select 2

If you require multiple copies of the same page, please select the total number of pages to print in the selection.

E.g. 2 x copies of pattern with 4 x A0 pages in the pattern file = 2×4: Select 8

OR 1 copy of Sheet A (1 A0 page) and 2 copies of Sheet B( 1 AO page) = 1+2: Select 3

There is 1 A0 Sheet in the Mandarin Collar Shirt pattern

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