Long Arm Quilting Services

At 2Quilters, we offer long-arm quilting and machine rental services in our WorkSpace. 

Please read through the follow sections to understand what type of services we provide, and how you can prepare your quilt top and other materials when you send them to us. 

A) Type of Long Arm Quilting Services
1) Edge to Edge (Pantographs)
2) Basting
3) Quilt binding
4) Backing or Batting Piecing
5) Other Charges or Services

B) Quilt Top and Material Preparation (PLEASE READ)
1) Preparing your Quilt Top
2) Preparing your batting/backing/binding materials (if applicable)

Edge-to-Edge (Pantographs) quilting is done where a single pattern is sewn in rows across the quilt, starting from 1 edge and ending on the opposite side. We will propose a pattern based on your preference input in the enquiry form. *Please note that you do NOT require basting service when you send your quilt top to us for edge-to-edge long arm quilting. 
Price: S$0.045/ square inch, min. S$168
Turnaround Time: 8-12 weeks

Basting service will be done in a longer stitch length, to sandwich the quilt top, batting and backing layers for your own hand quilting or machine quilting. The long stitches can be easily removed as you progress in your quilting. No binding services will be provided (as quilting is not deem completed) when basting service is done. You may send the quilt for our binding services after your own quilting is completed. 
Price: S$0.014/ square inch, min. S$60
Turnaround Time: 8-12 weeks

Quilt Binding (straight edge binding only) services are available. If you are providing own binding fabrics, you can send us the required yardage (with full width of fabric). You do not need to prepare the binding strips beforehand. You can choose the different service options listed below:
a) attach binding to Quilt front only (S$0.18 per inch)
b) finish binding by machine stitch (S$0.28 per inch)
c) finish binging by hand stitching (S$0.55 per inch)
Turnaround Time: 1-4 weeks (depending on options)

Backing or Batting Piecing services are available at S$18 per seam regardless of length. 

Other Charges or Services.

  • Batting and/or Backing Fabrics purchased from 2Quilters will be charged based on PER INCH used (not per 0.5y cut)
  • We do NOT charge any set-up fees or trim-up/square up fees. 
  • We do NOT charge any thread fees. We use good quality threads like Superior Threads or Aurifil Threads (depending on application) and Bottomline threads.  
  • We do NOT charge for serging the quilt edges (whether you require binding service or not). You may let us know if you do not want the edges to be serged (or overlocked). 
  • Pick up of Quilt Tops or Delivery of Completed Quilts to local addresses is $10 per trip (excluding offshore addresses). Otherwise you may arrange to drop off or pick up the quilt from our WorkSpace. 
  • Rush Fees will be charged if you require your quilt to be returned sooner than the date we would advise according to our job queue. An 50% surcharge on the quilting services will be added. 
  • Any quilt top repairs or sewing fees may be charged if issues are spotted.

Preparing your Quilt Top for basting or long arm quilting

  • DO press all seams 
    DO remove any existing basting stitches/pins. Quilt Top, Batting and Backing MUST be provided in 3 separate pieces for Quilting or Basting services. 
  • DO mark TOP edge of the Quilt Top (you may pin or baste a piece of paper or fabric to indicate the TOP edge)
  • DO trim loose threads
  • DO secure seams at the edge of the quilt top (or edge stitch 1/8" around the quilt top)
  • DO remove all markings or any stains on the quilt top. 
  • DO remove any embellishments (like buttons, pins, etc that can't be stitched over). 

 Preparing your batting/backing/binding materials (if applicable)

  • DO ensure that Batting and Backing materials are at least 4" larger than the Quilt top on EACH side. E.g. Quilt Top is 90"x108", your batting and backing pieces must measure AT LEAST 98"x116". 
  • Do mark TOP edge of Backing fabric if it is directional (pin or baste a piece of paper or fabric). 
  • DO press all seams