Olympus Sashiko Hitomezashi Pre-Printed Fabric (per half-meter) Dotted Grids - Avail in Indigo, Dark Navy, Cream

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Olympus pre-printed Sashiko Fabric is 100% cotton and is a medium weight fabric (compared to Hana Fukin fabric).

It is great for bags, home decor projects, and quilts.

Use the grids as a guide to design your own Hitomezashi patterns!

Note: Wash the fabric only AFTER all the sashiko stitching is complete as the pre-printed lines are washable.
You may leave any section unstitched if desired as the markings will disappear when washed in soapy water.

100% cotton, approximately 110 CM (1.1M) wide

Unit: Half Meter: 0.5M″ x 1.1M″

If you select multiple quantities, yardage will be combined and cut as a single piece. E.g. Quantity = 4. You will receive a 2-meter cut. Minimum cut is .5 M. Price is per M

Any amount over .5 M may be ordered