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SCHMETZ HLx5 (130/705 H) Sewing Machine Needles (5pc pack)

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Schmetz HLX5 High Speed, Quilting Machine Needles. Features a chrome-shank needle designed specifically for high-speed professional quilting machines Features a short shank and a slightly rounded needle point with a shank diameter of only 2mm. Suitable for all common materials - jersey, denim, fancy fabrics, fake fur, etc. * Size 90/14 - light to medium weight fabric. * Size 100/16 - medium to heavy weight fabric These are home sewing machine needles with a flat needle shank for most home sewing machines BULK DISCOUNT 1-10 packs @ S$4.80/pack 11 packs and more @ S$3.70/pack (Save S$1.10 per pack!)